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Enhance Your Quality of Life

We are driven by a desire to enrich your life in any way we can. To do this, Highland Senior Living offers an extensive range of services and amenities to help you achieve the quality of life you deserve.

No matter your background, goals, beliefs, or values, you will always find trustworthy care from our team at Highland Senior Living.

If you would like to schedule a tour or have any questions, please feel free to contact us today.

Our Community Services

Inspire Wellness For Life

Inspire Wellness for Life is our dedicated wellness program that enriches your experience while living at Highland Senior Living. The program focuses on 7 different dimensions of wellness to ensure your physical, spiritual, and mental needs are always met.

The 7 different dimensions include:

  • Physical: Choosing to live a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Spiritual: Living with meaning and purpose
  • Social: Interacting daily with others
  • Emotional: Awareness and acceptance of feelings
  • Intellectual: Engaging in creative pursuits
  • Vocational: Expressing yourself through talents and passion
  • Environmental: Respecting and caring for our surroundings

Managing various medications can be confusing and cumbersome over time, especially if you find that your needs are changing. Our staff will help manage your medication to ensure you are taking the right dosage at the right time.

We also keep track of your health to determine whether your medications need adjustments or changes.

We partner with Consonus Health to ensure your needs are met.

All of our Memory Care staff members receive training through our Enriching Connections program. This program helps develop meaningful and trusting relationships between our residents and our staff, enriching the lives of those with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Enriching Connections focuses on several pillars of success, including:

  • Relationships & Community: Every individual is invited to belong.
  • Commitment: Our team is committed to providing every resident with personalized care.
  • Certification & Training: All management and Memory Care staff are certified in dementia care by the Alzheimer’s Association, in addition to receiving other dementia training.
  • Services: With the help of our nursing staff, families can choose the right services for their loved one.
  • Meaningful Life & Engagement: Inspire Wellness for Life is our core program philosophy that promotes and benefits every resident’s wellness and quality of life.
  • Environment: We make continuous improvements to the structure of our community so that it remains dementia-friendly.
  • Accountability: We are always monitoring our processes, plans, and culture to maintain our high care standards.

Respite and Recovery is the perfect solution if you are looking for a short 7 to 60 day stay in our community while recovering from surgery or giving your regular caregiver a break. This program is also a fantastic choice for those who wish to see what life inside our community is like before moving in permanently.

Enjoy the full range of our services, including:

  • Optional meal plan programs
  • All utilities, except phone
  • An emergency response team
  • Housekeeping
  • A furnished apartment
  • Group activities
  • 24-hour onsite staff
  • Continuous wellness checks
  • Medication administration
  • Nurse supervision

Regular visits from qualified medical professionals are essential for healthy living. These visits will help ensure your needs are provided for and allow us to improve your care.

We support our medical services with a variety of recreational therapies. These therapies are included in our Integrative Health program and supplement our other care programs:

  • Essential Oils: These aromatic oils are naturally-derived, and may help promote relaxation. Those with anxiety, pain, or nausea often use essential oils. They can also positively impact memory, mood, and learning.
  • Hand & Foot Massage: This soothing form of touch helps release tension and stress. We frequently combine our massages with essential oils to create a more immersive atmosphere.
  • Healing Music: Some rhythms and melodies often put people in a more peaceful state of mind. We choose specific music and schedule live music performances to encourage relaxation.
  • Guided Imagery: Experience the power of your mind by concentrating on specific mental pictures. These sessions can bring clarity, focus, and relieve anxiety, insomnia, and pain.
  • Energy-Based Healing Modalities: Reiki and other forms of healing touch are popular among those who seek relaxed, energized states of being. We invite experienced practitioners to our community so they can administer these services.

Our community life staff perform all Integrative Health services under the supervision of trained nurses. If you have questions about how these services might benefit you or a loved one, contact us and speak to someone who can help.

For our residents with cognitive impairments, the stability and familiarity of routine are crucial for maintaining a sense of normalcy. The 8-8 program gives residents a structured daily routine without ever sacrificing an engaging and enjoyable lifestyle.

We design thoughtful daily activities so residents remain safe and in control, which has shown to positively affect their state of mind, security, and sleep patterns.

Residents who have suffered illnesses or injuries may have lost essential motor functions that allow them to move around and communicate.

Physical therapy helps our residents regain strength lost due to an injury or illness. Our team focuses on helping them heal and retrain their bodies while always working at a comfortable pace.

Occupational therapy focuses on helping residents regain their independence. We create accessible ways to approach daily activities when they begin to become challenging. By finding effective alternatives, we help our residents avoid falls and injuries so they can do more for themselves.

Speech therapy helps residents who have had a stroke, injury, or illness that has made communicating difficult and frustrating. Our speech therapists help our residents find their voices through vocal exercises that train them to use the right muscles to formulate sounds naturally. We can also help alleviate issues related to swallowing through speech therapy.

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