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Live Life the Way You Want

If you are looking for a place to start the next chapter of your life, Highland Senior Living is here for you. Our community boasts a large selection of services and amenities designed to serve each of your needs. At the same time, our rotating event calendar provides something to look forward to every day.

Our priority is to provide a life full of comfort and convenience. Our caregivers are trained and equipped to help you with every aspect of your life. They have the power to find everything you need and support your goals and ambitions.

Years of Proud Service

Highland Senior Living is a proud member of the Lifespark Senior Living. As part of the 30 different communities spread across the heart of America, we are equipped to ensure our residents live the best lives possible.

Since its start in 1989, Lifespark Senior Living communities have been setting the standard for providing rich, engaging, and comfortable lives for senior residents. Their work places an importance on wellbeing and quality of life, ensuring every member can live life with dignity, meaning, and purpose.

Our Mission

To Enrich the Lives of Those We Serve.

Our Commitments

Respect Everyone for Who They Are & Who They May Become

Everyone is unique, which is why we work hard to respect you for who you are. No matter your background or what you want to become, we’ll be here to support you.

Your life experience is just as important as you are. We curate our services to make sure your values and beliefs are recognized.

You can always expect our team to respond promptly to your needs. Feel free to turn to us for anything.

Why Choose Highland Senior Living?

Our rotating event calendar features new and old pastimes you can lose yourself in for hours. Whatever your interests may be, there will always be something for you.

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Choose from our Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care lifestyles and live life on your own terms.

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We train each of our caregivers to ensure you have everything you need. No matter your needs, you can always turn to us for help.

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Where to Find Us

Highland Senior Living

You can find our community on 3rd Avenue, just down the road from Coborn’s. We have a spacious parking lot with accessibility options available.


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  • Executive Director: 

Hannah Hollenkamp [email protected]

  • Marketing Director: 

Jessica Hilmerson [email protected]

Our Address

1012 3rd Avenue NE
Little Falls, MN 56345

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Phone: 320-412-2535


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By Appointment

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